GReeN TEA???

GReeN TEA???

More Facts About Green Tea Weight Loss

I am drinking green tea about how much weight will i loose by drinking it???

I would appreciate your help Tanx!!!

i only consume about 500 calories a day and i do crunches

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lol i read al the previous answers, wht can i say, they repeat same answers everywhere, anyway listen…… Green tea is known to burn fat and fasten ur metabolic rate, well thats y u burn fat faster……. On oprah, she had a doctor over, and he said that if some1 can drink 3litres of green tea every for a month u can lose up to 10kgs thats like 15LBS. but its impossible, but he said if u drink 3 to 6 tea cups a day, u can lose bout 7pounds in 2weeks, nyway, look.. i tried it b4 and i lose weight, and if ur eatign 500cals a day, u should lose atleast 12pounds in a month time span…….. 500 cals is nothing, u burn atleast 300 just when ur sleepin, and ur left with 200, they can b burnt by green tea and crunches….. welll look, im not the kind of girls that say u should eat 1200cals a day, altho i know it healthier, but guess wat, all my friends did this srict diet, and they lost weight in just 3 months or 4 max, and they kept it off, bcuz u get used to eating little, and ur body gets used to consumin litte food too……go for it.. ull lose lots of weight wish u all the best

None. None if you rely only on green to make you loose weight. If used with a low calorie diet and exercise, it has some benefits, but none as great as I presume your expecting.

I believe green tea should still be considered a drug and it should not be considered a ìcureî for weight loss. However, when one is exercising vigorously for one hour per day and has a low grain diet, then it may be a helpful short-term aid to facilitate weight loss. Green tea has powerful antioxidants, which also may provide protection against coronary artery disease.

You will have to diet and exercise along with drinking the green tea, but green tea is very good for you.

Green tea won’t make you lose weight, atleast not directly. Don’t add sugar and use it to distract your mind from eating and drinking stuff that’s worse for you.

Green tea is good but you should not totally rely on it to loose weight

you need to do excerises also walking can help a lot and along with that you should take healthy diet i.e. no junk and oily food

go for green leafy vegetables and fruits.

You will not only loose weight but also find glow on your face

It’s suppose to boost your metabolism and in doing so it’s suppose to let you burn calories faster. I think.

Your calorie intake is way too low if I may say so. You will lose weight fast but from what I understand it will mostly likly be water. Then when you get back to your normal eating habit you’ll gain your weight back if not more. Healthy eating and regular exercise can keep the weight off and its safer.

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